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Welcome to the experience of a lifetime

Hello, and welcome to the totally awesome Englishproject 2011, brought to you by Rolf, Louai, Truls and Kristin, from the English Social Studies class at Sandnessjøen Videregående Skole. Money mouth
In this project we will bring you astonishing presentations of some famous events i British history, more specifically the Viking Invasion of Britain and the invention of the sport we today call football (soccer in the USA). These are in our opinions events that have played a critical role in defining our view of the British people today and in defining whom the British are.

The classical picture of the British man is either some posh and snobby guy drinking tea, or the wild savage wearing a kilt and facepaint, bashing in the heads of two guys while drinking a pint of ale at the same time. Through this project we are hoping to show you a little of both, and maybe even highlighting some new nuances of the British people, and of course teach you the background of some of these traits. 

Typical Brits?